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Minneapolis Glam Maternity Sessions for All Sizes

Updated: Jun 10

When I started my business as a Minneapolis area maternity and newborn photographer, I knew that I leaned towards a fine art style for more dramatic inspired photos. As I've gotten more comfortable, acquired more high end client closet pieces, and fine tuned my editing style, I have found that I really enjoy the glam maternity look. While this isn't every session that I shoot, more and more people are coming to my studio to get the all-inclusive experience of in-studio hair and makeup, plus an expertly retouched gallery of fine art and glam images that they're not seeing in other Minneapolis area studios.

glam maternity photographer Minneapolis
Tall, curvy mama

Everyone does it differently. I couldn't replicate another photographer's photo if I tried - which I wouldn't do anyway as I'm here as myself, but I seriously couldn't recreate someone else's distinct look even with their photo in front of me, and knowing what camera, what settings, and what lighting they use to achieve it. I just naturally churn out photos that look like my photos. It's kind of funny, honestly.

What is different about what I'm doing? Well my all-inclusive style is similar to what you might find in a boudoir studio with hair and makeup and a session, but this is maternity. This is showing off your pregnant body, and what you've created. This is you being the focus of attention for (let's face it, it's true) the last time for awhile. My retouching skills are here to cover everything from swollen ankles to double chins to maternity acne. I want to be honest - EVERYONE has a little something from pregnancy that they want to hide or adjust (I would know, these are the people I work with all day, every day, and I see most of them nude or close to it). And that's OKAY. We are human, and we can actually grow entire humans within us. Just take a moment with that, because I think we sometimes forget what that really means.

petite curvy maternity portrait minneapolis
Petite and curvy mama

I am also proud to say that I am comfortable dressing, styling and posing ALL female bodies. You're a size 0 or you're a size 26 - I'm here for you, excited to work with you, and I understand that you have unique posing needs. You're 4'11 or you're 5'11 - you also have unique posing needs whether you have broad shoulders you hate, or skinny legs, or no butt, or really long arms, or you feel like a beach ball because you're all belly. Yep, I'm going to tell you to try a whole bunch of different things with your arms, your legs, your hips and your face angle. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, sometimes you're thinking I'm crazy, but I'm here to help you capture the most flattering YOU. My sessions are short, but they're a workout of tiny body manipulations that help achieve your best angles.

best maternity photographer Minneapolis
Tall, curvy mama

It absolutely breaks my heart when I see that there are mamas out there who are wanting to do a maternity session, but think that they don't 'qualify' because they're plus sized, or they consider themselves less than average looking. I have news for ANYONE who thinks that - YES this is for you, and YES you will look fabulous. If you don't, then that is on your photographer for not knowing what to do. So when you're shopping photographers near you, ASK questions. ASK about the type of body you have, and what you are super conscious about and how they would handle that. YOU are the one hiring someone to create for you, and you are absolutely entitled to make sure that this person is a good fit. If they're not okay with that, then they're not for you. Choose a photographer that not only matches your style, but is ready to show you that they're a great fit for working with you and making you feel comfortable and your very best!


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