Fine Art Portraits

Fine Art Portraits have my heart, and I hope to do considerably more of it in 2022!  I LOVE photographing my babies and kids, but the reason I got into maternity and dancers also was because my love of art really goes back to my admiration of fine art paintings. I could spend hours in an art museum, and you can pretty reliably find me lost in the halls of classical portrait paintings. The warm, rich colors, the intricate and heavy framing, the personalities of the people captured within, and the idea that these magical moments hung over fireplaces for centuries. I want my art to be that treasured and that beautiful. 

Fine Art portraits are significantly more work on the back end. You are producing less volume of photos with a higher degree of attention to textures, flawless retouching, and smooth transitions in each piece.  The process looks a bit different because you are looking through soft edited photos to decide on a small number of pieces where the ultimate goal is to print them on canvas, wood, metal, or fine art print paper on a larger scale to be displayed as art. 


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