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Pet Photography

I have a theory that if you can take a great photo of a cat, you can take a great photo of ANYTHING. While my main focus is portrait photography now, my passion for being a photographer started with animals and I LOVE still incorporating pet sessions into my schedule.


I grew up with a mom who bred  nationally winning show cats (yep, it's really a thing!) and my first digital camera was purchased to help take photos of her kittens two decades ago. While it was certainly not a requirement, I loved challenging myself to get group shots of the litters of kittens - and if you've ever heard the expression 'herding cats', well, it's a legit thing, and it's so gratifying when you happen to catch a great shot of everyone together (this was way before photoshop was a household tool)! So I learned to be quick, and utilize the elements of surprise and curiosity.


I have since shared my experience with several Minnesota dog and cat rescue groups, and continue to donate my time and photography skills to local rescues to help dogs and cats find great homes, as well as raise much needed funds for their programs! This also means that I have experience and confidence working with animal personalities all over the map from extremely social, hyper, shy, protective and fearful. 

These days, when our pets are a huge part of our families, we are realizing that they are with us for a much shorter time than we would wish, and capturing a bit of their love on camera is something we will treasure forever. I love being a pet photographer in the Minneapolis area! 

If you are a breeder interested in photos of litters, or are looking for a consistent set of photos of all of your dogs or cats, please reach out to me for customized pricing based on your needs. 

All pet sessions take place at my Burnsville, MN Studio. For pricing and package info on my pet sessions, please head over to my Pet Session Pricing page! 

To check out my booking calendar, send me an email! 

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