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empoWOMANt Photos

Introducing my new empoWOMANt sessions.

I am known as a fine art studio glam maternity photographer in the Twin Cities, but EVERY body is a beautiful body, pregnant or not. Whether you're 25 or 75, you're celebrating a birthday, or just celebrating you. I invite you to treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience to freeze this moment of your life and share your beauty with generations to come. I don't do family photos, and I don't do lifestyle sessions. I specialize in taking WOW photos because that's what I'm good at. I want you to feel sexy and empowered, but still soft and feminine. This session is all about YOU looking and feeling your best. Let my hair and makeup artist pamper you, pick out some stunning couture wardrobe pieces to wear, and then let's create stunning images that fit your style and comfort level.

My EmpoWOMANt sessions are NOT boudoir sessions, but rather a glamorous, sexy, powerful and tasteful fine art session that allows you to put your most flawless foot forward while capturing stunning art. Think of old world painters who would capture the essence of their subjects in life sized pieces that now captivate us in museums. You deserve to leave the same legacy in this world.
Let's do this! 

EmpoWOMANt sessions wouldn't be a thing without giving back. If you know someone that deserves one of these sessions but is unable to treat themselves, you may submit them to my donation form here. I try to offer at least one session per month complimentary or in donation for people who could use the lift. 


I am an award winning twin cities studio empowerment photographer that loves trying new ideas for my sessions! Have more questions about my sessions? Check out my FAQ page

Click Here for pricing information for my empoWOMANt sessions! 

Ready to book, or want to schedule a time to chat about your ideal session? 

Send me an email, and let's get it scheduled! 

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