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Cake Smash Photography: A Messy Yet Magical Memory-Making Adventure!

Updated: 5 days ago

That first year with your baby is almost at an end. Are you ready to capture some epic and hilarious moments with your little one? It's time to start planning a cake smash photoshoot to celebrate their big day! I'm Jordana with Jordanalisa Photography in Burnsville, Minnesota, and I specialize in Cake Smash Photography in the Twin Cities area! I love creating custom themed cake smash photo sessions that represent your baby's personality.

A Minneapolis baby girl staring at a cake during her cake smash photoshoot session with Jordanalisa Photography

The Messy Art of Cake Smashing

Forget about picture-perfect poses and pristine backgrounds – it's time to embrace the chaos! A cake smash session is all about letting your little one dive headfirst into a scrumptious cake and capture their joy, laughter, and messiness in action. Who knew destroying a cake could be so much fun? These sessions can be extremely messy, but that is the best part of hiring a cake smash photographer to orchestrate this special time for you - they set it up, capture it, and clean it up!

Not into feeding your baby sugar yet? There are plenty of alternatives to a cake smash session to capture their special day. Have you thought of a spaghetti smash? Or a watermelon smash? Or perhaps even a lemon slice smash? What is baby's favorite food? What a fun and unique thing to incorporate into their celebration! There is nothing cuter than a rib or steak smash where baby sits down and makes a mess with their favorite meat!

Embracing the Unexpected

In the midst of the cake-smashing chaos, be prepared for the unexpected. Your child may decide that the cake makes a better hat than a snack, or they might go for the feet-first approach instead of the hands. Sometimes, they cry the moment their fingers get dirty, or you ask them to eat something new. Embrace the spontaneity and let the moments unfold naturally – after all, the best memories are often the ones we don't plan for.

Preserving the Memories for a Lifetime

Once the cake smash extravaganza is over, you'll be left with a collection of photos that are pure gold. Share them with friends and family, create a photo album, or even frame your favorites to adorn your walls. These photos will not only bring a smile to your face but will also serve as a reminder of the joy and laughter that filled your home during the cake smash photoshoot, as well as how much your baby changed over that first year.

Remember, the messier, the merrier – because when it comes to cake smash photoshoots, a little chaos always leads to a lot of magic!

If you have questions about creating a cake smash session for your baby, please reach out to me at at any time to schedule a time to chat!

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