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Choosing my Couture Client Closet Pieces

A big part of the reason many people choose me as their Minneapolis maternity photographer is my extensive client closet. I know my offering is more than most other photographers in the twin cities area. While I admit, I'm a HUGE over-shopper in literally every capacity, a lot of thought goes into my studio props and wardrobe. I want to provide fresh and unique looks, but I also want to support small, woman owned businesses as much as I can.

My studio offerings are as much of an investment for me as hiring a fine art photographer to capture your story is for you. I want to make sure that I'm providing a lot of options for every client from the sleek sophisticate to the boho flower mama to the soft romantic to the glam diva. This is why my closet is always evolving to accommodate more styles that speak to you.

A lot of clients come to me seeking photos with gowns and fabrics that they were inspired by on instagram, pinterest, or another photographer's website. Yes, I get a lot of people looking for something similar to the style of the amazing British photographer Natasha Ince (whose style workshop I attended in 2022).

While I will never directly copy any other photographer's style or work, I definitely lean toward this clean glam style myself, with the flawless retouching and jaw dropping dresses.

So much detail and attention goes into these gorgeous gowns like the cream one above, hand made by KH Fashion in Germany, and the red one below by Before & Ever Couture. People that gravitate towards these styles of gowns will love the many options I have by both designers in my client closet.

My goals for 2023 in the studio are to increase my statement jewelry collection and other glam accessories to incorporate into my sessions. I am also hopeful to figure out a way to add a boho bedroom setup to my studio for more of a lifestyle look, but we will just have to see if I'm able to make that work with my space!


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