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My 5 most popular newborn session requests for 2024

Updated: 4 days ago

As a Minneapolis Newborn Photographer, I get a lot of requests for different poses, styles and featured items in my sessions. While some of these things are trendy, others are cultural, and others are just personal preference. Here are a few things (in no particular order!) that are requested most frequently this year for Minnesota Newborn Photography Sessions!

Newborn girl doing the Froggy Pose during her Minnesota Newborn Photography Session

  1. Froggy Pose

The Froggy Pose is a very popular pose that parents request for their Minneapolis Newborn Photoshoot. While I will attempt this pose with any baby per parent request, there's a few very important things I like to note about it. First, SAFETY is number one. This pose is ALWAYS done with a hand fully supporting baby's chin/wrists or a hand fully supporting them from the top by their jawbone (and never their forehead or temples). This means there are ALWAYS adult hands in the photo. We use a technique called compositing that means we combine two images together to create one that looks like baby is supporting their own head on their hands, which is very unsafe for their spine/neck and also for their soft arm bones and wrists. The other consideration is that not all babies enjoy being folded over their bellies like this. Sometimes it is just how full they might be at the time, but with some babies it is their anatomy, which needs to be respected. Not all babies are born flexible. While it's a top request, I will always try it, but never guarantee that your baby will safely accept this pose.

Native American Newborn of Sioux Tribe descent posing with an eagle feather and traditional Oglala Sioux print blanket during her newborn session

2. Zodiac and Culture

While it is sometimes simply culture and family tradition, other times it's just plain people who believe in signs. Chinese zodiac animals are a popular request from my clients. 2024 is the year of the Dragon, and I had the cutest little felt lóng dragon custom made by for my Dragon Babies. Along the same line, I have a lot of clients who are of Middle Eastern and African descent, as well as clients who are of Native American descent. I absolutely LOVE helping my clients tell their stories and share their histories in creative and culturally appropriate ways. Whether it's the whole family wearing traditional clothing, or simply including small pieces like eagle feathers, horns, moccasins or clay or beaded necklaces into baby's session, I'm here to support and help you tell your story in a beautiful yet meaningful way.

Newborn girl wrapped in custom name blanket during her Minnesota newborn photo session

3. Custom Name Blankets

Yes, these blankets are SUPER popular, both as shower gifts, and as custom pieces parents buy as a keepsake to bring their baby home. Who can wrap the baby up perfectly in that sweet blanket to document their carefully and meaningfully chosen name? Your newborn photographer!

Newborn boy posing in a basketball themed bucket during his Minnesota newborn photo session

4. Professional Themes

If one of the parents works in a specialty career, it's a lot of fun to highlight and incorporate that during your newborn photography session! Many of my clients are in the medical field, law enforcement, or are professional athletes that want to showcase their team during their session. I have custom newborn outfits ready to go for most Minnesota sports teams including the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Timberwolves as well as more simple sports setups. I also have custom newborn scrubs, and would love to feature your work uniform (and can remove any identifying info like badge numbers if needed based on work policy) or help find something to represent what you love. Whether it's your career or your passion, let's incorporate it into your baby's newborn session!

Newborn Photographer Near Me with dog and baby

5. Pets

This year has been ALL about incorporating pets into newborn sessions! Dogs are of course my most popular request, but I have also been asked to incorporate cats, birds and a Tortoise into newborn sessions! With my vast experience as a studio pet photographer, as well as my trained expertise as a Minneapolis newborn photographer, I am confident that I can get 'the shot' with your pet safely and efficiently no matter who we are dealing with. How? I do ALL of my newborn and pet photos as composites - this means that I photograph all pets separately, then photograph the baby, and then composite the images together to create a beautiful, SAFE portrait of your most important family members.


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