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Twin Newborn Sessions

Updated: Jun 10

As a twin cities newborn photographer, I do get the occasional inquiry for working with twins and triplets. While obviously much more work is involved in twin newborn sessions, I charge the same fee as I do for a single newborn session.

Many twins in the Minneapolis area are born prematurely (this typically being considered before 36 weeks gestation). My experience as both a newborn foster mom and a professional newborn photographer has prepared me to handle any newborn scenario. I have worked with and photographed newborns born as early as 26 weeks gestation, and with long term needs such as oxygen and g-tubes. These obstacles are no problem in the photo studio, provided that the baby's doctor has released them for having professional portraits taken. I can even digitally remove tubing in some of the photos during my editing process.

Because these babies are prone to being early, I highly recommend planning on having maternity photos taken by 28 weeks during a twin pregnancy, and 24 weeks for higher order multiples. No matter when they are born, we will plan on scheduling their official newborn session after they are born and have been released from the hospital. This assures that you aren't feeling additional stress due to their newborn photo session.

Extra precautions are taken in the studio for early babies and multiple births. I wear a mask during these sessions no matter what, practice good hand washing hygiene, and as always, all surfaces of the studio are sanitized between every single client.

Either way, assurances are made that each baby is given individual photo time, as well as some safe posing together to celebrate their unique birth and life situation!


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